Monday Feature: A Walk Down My Music Memory Lane

In the past two weeks, we’ve read Monday Features from our writers Erin and Nina about both The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. Because The Black Keys is also my favorite band, I will spare you from YET ANOTHER Black Keys gushing fest.

I do, however, have a different spin on the Monday Feature. I’m going to take you back through the life of Molly, giving you a list of the most embarrassing yet most awesome bands/musicians I adored during the past 10 or so years of my life . Are you ready? I don’t think you could ever be.

2000 (Age 8): BRITNEY SPEARS. You better believe it. Although I was a year late in discovering the sheer perfection of Britney’s album …Baby One More Time, I surely jumped on that bandwagon quickly. Shortly after my obsession with Britney began, I forced my mom to take me to see her live in concert. That’s right- Britney Spears was my first concert I ever attended. Brit, you can shave your head a thousand times and I’ll still have your back.

2002-2004 (Age 10-12): My obsession with John Mayer got freakily out of hand in middle school. Was it his curly, brown locks, or maybe his weird expressions he made when he was performing? Whatever it was, I was hooked on John Mayer to the nth degree. You better believe that when my friends and I saw him perform live at Carthage College, we made our own “I Heart John” shirts, which helped us get bumped from the last row to the front row. It was probably the best night of my life. It almost pains me to reminisce back to the innocent days of John and now see him doing this whole “I’m trying to be an even more homeless version of Johnny Depp” celebrity thing. Whatever, John. We’re over.

2005 (Age 13): Bob Marley. Although I never smoked any illegal substances during this obsession, Bob Marley and I had quite the affair when I was in 8th grade. I wore shirts with his face on it (that I bought at Hot Topic…), I had a red/yellow/green belt that I wore with ALL of my clothes, and I even started wishing all of my male friends would grow dreadlocks. I probably played “No Woman No Cry” hundreds of times on my ipod, and probably wished some handsome Jamaican man would show up at my doorstep.

2006-2007 (Age 14-15): This was my “I’m starting to get too cool for pop music” phase, which included the likes of Say Anything, Rise Against, Tegan and Sara, Dispatch, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio, and even some Warped Tour compilation CDs. Of course, this coincided with an insane amount of eyeliner and a really positive attitude towards high school. However, I still listen to a lot of these bands quite frequently, so I’d suffice to say that this was the time where I was “coolest” in life…maybe.

2008 (Age 16): I really started refining my music taste in high school. I tried extremely hard to listen to a wide range of music: The Smiths, Dropkick Murphys, Cold War Kids, Irish drinking songs, AC/DC, Coldplay, The Decemberists, etc., etc. I even thought (and I still think) I was cool because I owned an hour long thunderstorm CD. I tried to be eclectic. I probably just looked silly. Ugh.

2009-2010 (Age 17 & 18): This was the point in my life where I just stopped trying to be “alternative” about my music taste. I was working in a local coffee/ice cream shop for those two years, and as an employee, I was allowed to choose the Pandora station I listened to during my shift. One day I’d choose Fleetwood Mac (don’t hate), the next would be 3oh!3, followed by Amos Lee, and then some Kings of Leon.

The rest is history.

To wrap up my journey back through music: I think all of us music lovers reach a point where we know what music we enjoy in life, and just can’t be ashamed of it anymore.You know that feeling when you’re sitting in College Library and Pandora/Grooveshark/8tracks/ just doesn’t understand your soul at that moment? What do you put on?  I can easily throw down John Mayer’s album No Such Thing, or play Say Anything’s Is/Was A Real Boy, and instantly feel AWESOME. I really believe that we are comprised of all of our music tastes. I don’t regret any of my musical obsessions, because at that point, it was just what I needed.


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