Thursday Night: Mount Eerie + Cains & Abels

Friends- this weekend WUD Music has a fantastic lineup, and guess what? It’s only the first week of classes. Therefore, enjoy the last bit of freedom you have by visiting our stages, and start this semester off right with music.

The first show we have for you is Mount Eerie and Cains & Abels, who will perform in Music Hall starting at 9pm. Originating from a small town in Washington, Phil Elverum, a.k.a. Mount Eerie, is an well-rounded artist that finds most inspiration from his natural surroundings. The most recent example of nature-based music is in the paired albums that were recently released. Clear Moon was the first release in May and grabbed the attention of those in Pitchfork. Rated an 8.3 and named “Best New Music,” Pitchfork praised Phil Elverum for his “collection of secrets Elverum has cupped in his palm to pour directly, and privately, into your ear alone.” Clear Moon‘s pair, Ocean Roar, was then released this August and is “more challenging and weird and darker and heavier,” said Elverum himself. Mount Eerie is not just Phil Elverum’s artistic name, but also an interpretation of his music. Songs like “Pale Lights” incorporates indie rock tones with sounds of nature, which finalizes as an enticing/”eerie” track.

Opening for Mount Eerie is a Chicago-based rock band named Cains & Abels. Their most recent album, My Life is Easy, has a slow, rustic rock sound. Their songs, “My Life is Easy,” or “Run Run Run” resemble the combination of Mount Eerie and Passion-Pit. Cains & Abels will certainly be setting up the show perfectly.

You can make the decision for yourself if you’d like to attend this unique, intriguing show- Nah, who are we kidding? You have no other choice but to go, because it’ll be that awesome. Tune in later for more concert opportunities this week and scroll down for some actual tunes.

On another music-related note, we’d like to remind everyone of the Yellow Phone Music Conference that will take place this weekend in Milwaukee. Starting on Thursday, September 6th, you’ll have the opportunity to converse with new artists and music industry professionals. Check out their website for more information about prices or what this conference really entails.

Mount Eerie:

Cains & Abels:


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