Tonight on The Terrace: Saul Williams and Dessa Spoken Word Tour

Although the weather may lead to a change in venue tonight, the fact that we have Saul Williams and Dessa performing a Spoken Word will not change at all. Both artists are extremely talented in all avenues and tonight, they will share with us the beauty of the spoken word.

We’ll give you a little background on both Saul Williams and Dessa, but keep in mind that tonight will not be a music concert. Saul Williams has succeeded in being a musician, poet, writer and actor since the beginning of his career. Coming from New York, Williams has had writing published in The New York Times, and Esquire, was seen in the 1998 film, Slam, and performs music to the extent where he doesn’t even need a mic to keep your attention. For instance, the song “Dance” first takes hold of your mind with an intriguing beat, and next by a string of words that he has connected by his influential voice. He’s saying dance, and dance you will. Now, Williams is conquering the spoken word arena with his book, “Chorus: A Literary Mixtape.” This is a combination of his talent and line of work in both poetry and hip-hop.

You may know our next guest, Dessa, as a member from the talented Minneapolis rap crew, Doomtree. It only makes sense that she will speak with Saul Williams since she also is a thought-provoking lyricist. Dessa started her career off with the spoken word of poetry and even though she has found success in the group Doomtree, Dessa has gained recognition from her own side projects as well. Her full-length record, A Badly Broken Code, received positive reviews from NPR and The Seattle Times, and engages all listeners. However tonight, with Saul Williams, the pair will exemplify and inspire the meaning behind the spoken word.

As we stress with all of our free shows, seriously take this opportunity to experience the show tonight starting at 9pm.

Videos for your pure enjoyment to show the talent of these artists are below:

Saul Williams:



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