Monday Feature: Sleeper Agent

Songs come and go throughout the year, but then there are those that no matter how many times you listen to them, it’s never enough. For instance, the minute “We Are Young” by FUN. is played, my mind and body suddenly moves in slow motion, as if I’m physically trying to capture every moment around me, remembering that I am young, and shouldn’t race through life. The power that this song has over me lead to the decision of seeing them in concert. Epic by the way- but I’m not writing this to brag about my concert experience with FUN., I’m writing this because their opener, Sleeper Agent, caught my attention.

Even though most of the crowd had never heard of Sleeper Agent before that night, this band of six members originating from Kentucky, had more than 2/3 of the crowd engaged.

When you take a listen to their album, Celabrasion, a couple things will happen. With a first listen, your foot will automatically start tapping. It’s uncontrollable, so just let it happen. Then, as you hear the garage band tones combined with the vocals of Alex and Tony in songs such as “Get it Daddy,” or “Get Burned,” excitement will build up in your chest to the point where you feel macho just listening to it. Don’t worry, their songs have perfect variation where the pace slows down here and there, so you won’t need to take a break. Finally, it all ties together when you hear “Some White Blinds” or “Love Blood,” that both have sultry, but poppy lyrics and heavy drums. Ultimately, this will make either your hips sway back and forth, or if you are surrounded by people, casually bob your head side to side.

Since I was so intrigued by their youthful performance of Celabrasion live, I decided to purchase the album. As I started to listen to it a bit more, I realized how similar they are to the pioneer of bodacious garage band music, The White Stripes. To top it off, Sleeper Agent also has a duo of female-male vocalists. In each song, you can hear both Alex and Tony with their own unique voices.

Recently, Sleeper Agent has been featured in the Rolling Stone, saying they are the band to watch out for. Along with that, the lead female vocalist Alex has been entered in Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock” contest along with other female vocalists, Rita Ora, Karmin, Rye Rye, Delta Rae, and Dev.

We have many artists that are in that rock genre that will be performing on our stages in the near future, for instance Dastardly (a little more chill), while we’ve also had bands similar to Sleeper Agent in the past, like Saint Motel.

Watch a few of their music videos and you’ll understand why their songs get stuck in my head.

“Get It Daddy”

“Get Burned”


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