Just Announced: Nite Jewel and Behind The Beat: Johnny Chimes

Fall is around the corner, which means there are only two rational things to do: 1. Devour all of the pumpkin flavored food/drinks available right now, 2. See some free shows put on by WUD Music.

We are announcing two shows today that you all should get excited for. Nite Jewel, a young female artist from California, will be performing this November. Her style consists of danceable, yet smooth-electronic songs that feature her philosophical lyrics. Nite Jewel just recently released her newest album, One Second of Love, in March of 2012. According to Pitchfork, Nite Jewel is “developing a keener ear for melody and a more confident delivery” in her newest album, which was rated a 7.1 on the Pitchfork scale. Check out this “gem” of an artist at The Sett this November.

We also are pleased to announce the addition of Johnny Chimes to the Behind The Beat series in October. Since Behind The Beat consists of smooth, soulful music, Johnny Chimes fits in wonderfully with his New Orleans’ Blues. This musician has shared the stage with other blues artists like Radiators, The Iguanas, and Bonerama. He also finds influence in Leon Russel or even, Dr. John. Johnny Chimes is a fine Madison performer, and will soon influence your musical taste, come October.

These two artists aren’t the only ones coming up this semester, so check out our WUD Music Calendar to see what shows interest you!

10/19/2012  Johnny Chimes [Behind the Beat], Memorial Union: The Terrace

11/9/2012  Nite Jewel, Union South: The Sett


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