Friday Night: WSUM’s Snake on the Lake & Reptile Palace Orchestra at The Sett

If you hear the hissing of a snake, it’s probably real and it would be wise to make a run for it. However, if you’re hearing music coming from The Terrace this Friday, don’t be afraid, it’s WSUM’s Snake on the Lake. Out of coincidence, reptiles will be conquering your Friday night since The Sett will also be hosting a performance, Reptile Palace Orchestra.

WSUM is Madison’s student radio station that has been around for ten years and created Snake on the Lake from the start. In the past, they have hosted artists The White Stripes and Andrew W.K. on The Terrace, since it is put on for their listeners as thanks for the support. This year, WSUM will welcome Collections of Colonies of Bees, an instrumental rock band from Milwaukee, to the stage and before them, All Tiny Creatures, Phonetic One, One Last Run, Wild Rose Harmonic, and The Daze. There is a great mix of genres here, since All Tiny Creatures, One Last Run and The Daze are all Wisconsin rock bands, while Phonetic One is a hip hop UW Madison group who has shared the stage with Doomtree and Ludacris. Wild Rose Harmonic is also unique since the band comprises of string-orchestral rock. It all starts on The Terrace at 6pm, and with this lineup, it would be a mistake to miss Snake on the Lake.

Later on at The Sett, Reptile Palace Orchestra, a lounge funk band, will perform at 9pm. Just recently this distinctive ensemble released Songs and Dances of Madisonia, which illuminates music from the Middle East and will take hold of your urge to dance.

As always, come check out these stellar performances and see what all this reptile craze is about.

Here are some free downloads for Collections of Colonies of Bees and All Tiny Creatures:

Download>>Collections of Colonies of Bees-LAWN

Download>>All Tiny Creatures- Another Iris by Brad Laner


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