Friday at Der Rath: Chris Greene Quartet [Behind the Beat]

We’ve already explained all the commotion going on today at both The Sett, and Der Rath, but there’s more…

Behind the Beat this week features Chris Greene Quartet, a deemed Chicago Jazz band that will surely have our crowd enticed by their hip-hop and funk-influenced performance. The whole ensemble began in 2005 because of Greene’s need to righteously commend the tenor sax, of which he traditionally wanted to perform. However, Greene could not shake his exposure to the rhythmic beats of funk and hip-hop. This lead to the unique composition we hear now in their latest album, Play Time in 2010, and the release of their live recorded album at the Mayne Stage in Chicago, this year. Although other elements are added to their rendition of Jazz music, any listener can understand the truth behind the improv, that they are playing music from their roots.

It would be a mistake to miss this dime of a band, so get over to Der Rath for a little Behind the Beat tonight and cheers to a good weekend to come.


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