Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: What music complements that angry emotion?

It’s time for another playlist this Tuesday, and it’s inspiration stems from the fury inside…

This past weekend my laptop broke.  I’ve struggled to deduce the mystery that is Grooveshark playlist embedding.  I have lost the remote to my television, and I think I may have lost most of my music collection.  Needless to say, my mood is not a desirable one.  I had a theme to go along with the bands that played this past weekend.  I scrapped it because I can’t log back into Grooveshark.  So my dear friends, I’ve assembled a bunch of music I listen to angry and posted them as youtube videos below.  We’re doing this old school, if old school can be used to describe the norm of about two years ago.

Now to continue pretending I’m “rock n’ roll” with all this punk music.

Dillinger Four-Doublewhiskeycokenoice

Naked Raygun-Surf Combat

The Men-Think

Bad Brains-Attitude

Cap’n Jazz-In The Clear

Dananananaykroyd-Infinity Milk

Iceage-You’re Blessed

Joyce Manor-Constant Nothing

And now I must angrily dance

Far Too Loud-Firestorm


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