Just Announced: Lost in the Trees AND Blueheels addition

Whether you plan to join us on The Terrace Friday, or Saturday (because obviously you are going to make either one), you shall not be disappointed. We’ve got a few additions to the weekend agenda. Waste no time figuring them out- Lost in the Trees with Midtown Dickens will perform this Friday while Little Legend and Cameron McGill will accompany Blueheels this Saturday night.

We’ll make sure you know every little thing about these bands in the upcoming days, but here’s a quick preview of what is to come. Both small-town sounding folk music, Lost in the Trees and Midtown Dickens have delicately established a sound that will trigger each corner of your mouth to slowly rise into a grin. Each unique in their own way, every song seems like an interpretive journey just waiting to happen.

And then we’ve got Blueheels with Little Legend and Cameron McGill as openers. Little Legend creates an ambiance of soft rock and soulful instrumental experimentation. To compliment that form of raw music expression, Cameron McGill also performs soft rock, but adds a flare of alternative, psychedelic show.

The location of the concerts may move due to the weather, so stay tuned if anything is changed. WUD MUSIC CALENDAR

10/12  Lost in the Trees + Midtown Dickens- Memorial Union: The Terrace

10/13  Blueheels + Little Legend + Cameron McGill- Memorial Union: The Terrace


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