Friday Night at the Terrace: Lost in the Trees with Midtown Dickens

After a week of stress, you deserve a break and an opportunity to pamper your mind/soul with some great bands.

A native of Chapel Hill, the lead singer/guitarist/writer of the band Ari Picker formed Lost in the Trees in 2007 with a group of talented musicians. Beforehand he started his career being a part of The B-sides. After studying at Berklee College of Music, he decided to try more orchestral elements in his songs. Hence, Lost in the Trees develops to one orchestral folk indie band which is influenced by many great musicians including Beethoven and Radiohead.

Lost in the Trees released their new album A Church That Fits Our Needs, and if you give it a listen, the complex and melodious rhythms, mixed with the rich background orchestra sound will fresh your ears. For instance, try “Red,” the music will get stuck in your head after just one play. Cello, violin, viola, tuba, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and ethereal voices give the band a classical vibe but with an indie band sound effect. The Rolling Stones described the album as “Ari Picker tries to make sense of his mother’s suicide against a backdrop of rich orchestration, piled generously atop a base of delicate acoustic folk like heaping spoonfuls of vanilla frosting.”

Our opener, yet another amazing band, will be Midtown Dickens. From North Carolina as well, this post-folk band blends in well with our headliner but has a more relaxed and country style. Midtown Dickens has been around since 2005, and have released three albums, the newest one is Home. This graceful album is put together with full emotions. It depicts the world we are living in where separating and coming together happens frequently. One of their new songs from the album “Walk, Don’t You Run” starts off with the bands signature banjo chords along with other instruments and then mixing in with beautiful vocal parts. The relaxed and chilled vibe is presented right on the beat. Home stimulates and visualizes a broad field in Carolina where thoughts are expanded on and on.

You know you cannot afford to miss this great show on a Friday night. Come over and enjoy great music and fresh your mind! Also enjoy some free downloads below:

Download>> Midtown Dickens “Only Brother”

Download>> Lost in the Trees- “Villain (I’ll Stick Around)”

Lost in the Trees:

Midtown Dickens:


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