Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: Rainy Day Pop!

The common thread tying songs from this week’s Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist is basically just… my unparalleled love for them. This is a pretty comprehensive glimpse into some of the songs I’ve been playing on repeat for the past couple of weeks or so. It features tracks with a lot of pop influence and a couple others that stick out and act as stylistic breaks from the rest of the songs.

Some of these artists, like Trails and Ways and Frances Rose, are ones I believe to have more than enough potential to blow up the indie music scene if they continue to make the kind of music they do. Others, like Local Natives and Dirty Projectors, are some solid standbys that consistently do great things.

And on such a dreary day like today, I’m hoping this playlist is enough to make you forget about wet clothes and murky puddle water at least for the next hour.

Happy listening!

(PS. I’m a huge advocate of Spotify and will recommend it over most, if not all, other programs, mostly because it does a great job of discouraging people from pirating music. While the ads can grow to be a nuisance sometimes if you’re signed up for a free account, the great news is that by either paying as little as $5, or $10 if you want offline access to your music on your listening device, they’ll disappear.

If you aren’t a regular Spotify user already, I highly recommend making the switch. It’s got an impressive and expansive catalogue; is a lot more organized than, say, Grooveshark; and offers a wonderful alternative to simply pirating music or relying on others who download music illegally.)


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