Saturday Night at The Terrace: Sun Airway + Savoir Adore + Royal Canoe


Saturday Night people: a nighttime terrace experience filled with the people from Philly, who will encapsulate your mind with echoes, tokens of crazy sounds, and ‘dem trippy sentiments. They celebrate the sounds of Caribou, M83, and Animal Collective. Now you get the picture. Indie. Experimental. Uncanny. Freakin’ awesome. They have released two albums and are touring off their new album Soft Fall that released this year. Their previous album, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier, released in 2010 and is full of the dreamy music that just leaves you lost in thought. Their newly polished bliss-phsychedelia featured in Soft Fall is definitely an evolved sound of the duo, but they still stick to their roots in terms of their euphoric-pop sound.

Opening for Sun Airway, is Savoir Adore, a Brooklyn-based Indie duo that shall complement Sun Airway very smoothly. Savoir Adore is a mature and experimental group that brings forth that emotional pop like Sun Airway does, but with a boatload of dramatic and cinematic sounds. They have released two albums and two EP’s in the past 4 years, and are touring off their brand new EP, Dreamers.

Also opening is the sixtet that are Winnipeg natives. Yup…Canada…eh. They are called Royal Canoe. They devised a nice title for their newest EP, Extended Play, and are ready to blow your mind with their staggering drum beats that you cannot help but bob your head to. They have a formidable vocal set, speaking with an undertone of truth and power. And…two drummers. I’m more than excited to hear these Miike Snow-ish guys rock out. You guys should be two.

Come out to the Terrace at Memorial Union this Saturday night and watch this epic Indie-trio perform in front of Mendota. Or…in front of you, and behind Mendota. Either way, it will be a chronicle of indie rock that you cannot miss.


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