Tape Deck Tuesday: For you and for Sandy, too.

As the east coast waits for a storm to pass, I’m reminded of how much we need to hold on to the people who’ve marked our lives and made us better for it. I think about how we’re bound together sometimes only in the face of an imminent threat as we contemplate the possibility of suspended time and who gets to make it out alive and how and when.

I’ve thought about what the scariest thing could be if that were me, waiting through a hurricane of this magnitude. At its most basic, I think I’d be most afraid of losing someone I loved, and more so, losing them to the unstoppable force of nature without having been able to say that our fits and our pride never mattered compared to what we’d built.

I chose these songs for all of us who’ve made the mistake of thinking we, and the relationships we have with the people we care about, are invincible; that we’re so far from the coastline that the eye of any storm could never catch up with us, the floods could never touch us and never take anyone away from us without our permission; that telling people you genuinely care for them is a gesture overwrought with sentimentality best saved for the most dire of situations.

We’re just tiny flecks of skin and bone coasting through the days, and I really wanted to tell you that it’s never too soon or too ordinary of a day to say, “Hey, I love you, I really do, and everything will probably be fine tomorrow but just in case it isn’t, I wanted you to know that.”


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