Friday Night at Der Rath: The Daredevil Christopher Wright w/ Cuddle Magic

Every weekend, WUD Music tries our best to bring you bands that are both enjoyable to listen to and entertaining to see. It is time yet again for another weekend with just that, and we are starting it off this Friday night with The Daredevil Christopher Wright and Cuddle Magic in Der Rathskeller at Memorial Union.

The dim lighting in Der Rathskeller will create the perfect ambiance for the whole-hearted and soothing sound of The Daredevil Christopher Wright. You can almost hear the twinkle in Jesse Edgington, Jonathan Sunde and Jason Sunde’s eyes as they produce folk music that sets them apart from most indie bands originating from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Considering that most bands from that area usually fuse the nature of their surroundings in soft and soothing tones, The Daredevil Christopher Wright stand out by pushing their sound further and interacting with physical surroundings.

Ironically, in reference to nature, their latest album release is named The Nature of Things, which was described by Consequence of Sound to “offer a kind of cheery foreboding, a quality that seems uniquely Midwestern.” The song “Divorce” immediately draws you in with the comforting strum of the guitar combined with the intriguing high pitch vocals and percussion that sounds like subtle rain drops- if they had a note on the musical scale.

Splitting that 7″ with The Daredevil Christopher Wright is Cuddle Magic, a perfect addition to the soft, mesmerizing indie music taking place tonight. Although not from Eau Claire, New York instead, Cuddle Magic delights any stage with their harmonic presence. Their name is no lie, songs like “Expectations,” and “Ring of Gold” speak to your emotions and cuddling just seems to be the most enticing thing to do.

The only logical thing to do then is to come to Der Rathskeller and find a cuddle buddy, it is the beginning of the winter season after all. Check out free downloads below for both The Daredevil Christopher Wright and Cuddle Magic.

Download>>The Daredevil Christopher Wright- “Divorce”

Download>>Cuddle Magic- “Disgrace Note”


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