Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: For You, Daylight Savings…

On Sunday, yet again, all of us were thrown off in a somewhat interfering way: the twice-a-year, one-hour switch in time that alters our everyday routine in even the smallest way. The Fall Daylight Savings kicked in and left us all feeling a little hazy, drowsy, and maybe a little confused.

To complement the fog that probably clouded your entire Monday, I present you with some interesting, even brilliant, weirdo indie rock – thronging with hi-hats, hand claps, slo-mo/fast-mo sampling, and trippy reverberations – leading to an introspective, but flabbergasted after-feel.

The playlist below contains tracks with music videos that were all shot by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson (excluding tack #2 & 3), the Irish visual arts-masterminds behind Feel Good Lost Films. They present their viewers with impressive and illustrious live visuals and designs that can attribute to the Feel Good Lost’s kaleidoscope-directing genius.

You can view all 40 of their music videos here: http://www.feelgoodlost.me

They have been lucky enough to film videos for songs performed by Zero7, Passion Pit, Keep Shelly in Athens, MMOTHS, Sun Glitters, Slow Magic and Daithí.

But, back on track – the combination of Feel Good Lost’s videos over the dazzling indie rock/chillwave tracks – it leads to the misty emotion that every student here is probably enduring…

Thanks to you, Daylight Savings.



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