Just Announced: Fun. for “Some Night” at the Union

Last night was a heart-racing, sweaty-palmed night for both parties. So, we apologize to keep your heart-racing through today, for we also have an important announcement. It’s more about your social life next semester and not the next president of the United States, but still important.

WUD, or Wisconsin Union Directorate, is bringing you a band that blew up the music charts last year with their release of “We Are Young,” and album release of Some Nights. That’s right friends, Fun. will be performing in Union South: Varsity Hall on Thursday, January 24th, 2013. “Some Night” at the Union will be a full campus event, welcoming back each and every one of you from Winter break with activities scattered all over Union South.

It is not often that our generation comes across a band that is able to break through the mainstream barrier with a matchless sound and has the ability to send chills to all listeners through their anthem-esque tracks. Songs performed by Fun. not only prove the talent of each individual musician but also narrate personal stories, most likely coming from front man Nate Ruess. If one listens to their album Some Nights in order, it is easy to compare this experience to a musical- every word and note interacting with one another to create the larger picture.

Although each song could be dissected bit by bit, we have crucial information about the actual concert that is of the upmost importance.

When and where is the concert?

Union South, in Varsity Hall. Doors open at 8 pm, concert starts at 9 pm on Thursday, January 24th.

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets go on sale November 13th, and these tickets can only be purchased online. They will be sold through campus arts ticketing, which is run by the Union Theater: uniontheater.wisc.edu

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $30.00. You are allowed to purchase up to 2 tickets and must pick up your tickets at the Union Box Office. You will not be able to print them off.

Do I have to be a student to purchase the tickets?

YES. This is very important. You have to be a University of Wisconsin-Madison student to attend this event, and will need your student ID to purchase and receive the tickets. Your student ID must also be shown at the doors to get in.

Find “someone to carry [you] home” because you’ll be so aw-struck after this concert, who knows what physical condition you’ll be in.

1/24/2013  Fun. w/tba – Union South: Varsity Hall


10 thoughts on “Just Announced: Fun. for “Some Night” at the Union

    • Your student ID will still be active until the last day to sign up for classes second semester, so yes you will still be able to go to the show!

  1. Can I bring a friend from another UW school with my second ticket? Or do both tickets require a UW-Madison ID to get into the show?

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