Friday Night at The Sett: Into Arcadia with The Sharrows


I am sure people are already expecting Thanksgiving to arrive faster at this point of the year, or Christmas more likely. However before you get all excited to go home, stop by The Sett this Friday Night to chill with some chill bands that will add more joy to your weekend. We are bringing Into Arcadia to you!

Otto Ohlsson from England and Kenny Buesing, the Milwaukee guitarist are the founding members of Into Arcadia. Later on, drummer Antonio Ninham and bass player Zach Steiner completed the band and in their entirety, Into Arcadia has been inspired by Kaiser Chiefs, The Stills, Interpol, and The Cure.

Along with an alluringly dark, delicately graphic listening experience, Into Arcadia is more than happy to present their most aspiring full-length album Escaper. Following up from previous single “Panic” and EP Maps For Children, this Milwaukee-based band has developed gradually from the indie rock vibe into a more impassioned and vivid post-alternative sound. Visualizing the scene while listening to their pieces for instance “Into The Water” is highly recommended.

The opener for this awesome band is The Sharrows. Formed by Patrick Price, Joe Hermanson, Phil Sharrow, Matthew Smith, Sylvia Janicki and Jake Bicnase, The Sharrows is an indie-groove-pop band from Madison, WI. As a rock n’ roll band inspired by Wilco, The Rolling Stones and Neil Young, they definitely do their job and rock hard. They pumped everyone up at the 2012 Madison Mini Marathon and according to the Madison Mini Marathon site, they received a thank you “for performing in 2012! Madison-based band, The Sharrows are Inspired by folk, blues, jazz and bluegrass […] The band met in early 2012 and began forging tunes together at Hermanson’s home farm studio outside of Madison.”

Let this Friday night show boost your mood to a whole other level. You won’t regret it.

Into Arcadia:


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