Saturday Night at Der Rathskeller/The Sett: Deep Pool w/ Burning Willows/K. Serra w/ Griswald

K. Serra | Photo courtesy of

Co-written by: Alex Yant & Francesca Bonifacio

Are you a fan of Gaelic Storm? You know, the band that played in the movie Titanic? Well, if you dig their Celtic rock grooves, you’ll definitely like Deep Pool. A local band from Genessee, WI, Deep Pool is, according to their page on Reverb Nation, “a family band of ruggers that sing and strum off the pitch (and sometimes on, too).” If, like me, you had no idea what a rugger was, it’s apparently a rugby player! (Who knew?) Anyway, if you’re looking to watch strong people play some strong Celtic/folk rock, then Deep Pool is exactly what the doctor ordered! But wait, there’s more… Burning Willows will accompany Deep Pool tonight also. A folk/bluegrass group from Madison, Burning Willows consists of Mike Charlton on bass/vocals, Abby Przybylski on fiddle/vocals, and Alex Richetta on guitar/vocals. Likening themselves to Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, Burning Willows sings about daily life for the average American, with tracks such as “Carry On” and “Last Pack of Smokes.” For some quality folk music and a good time, there’s no better place than the Rathskellar in the Memorial Union this Saturday night!

If you’re more into the freshly cropped batch of powerful female vocalists with a knack for electro-pop or dreamy synths (à la Jessie Ware, Charli XCX, Foxes, etc.), Saturday’s show at The Sett might be just what you’re looking for. We’re excited to welcome K. Serra, a one-woman powerhouse (real name Rachel Sarah Thomas) currently based in Chicago who combines the best of vocals rooted in operatic performance and simple, yet effecting instrumentation. A classically trained vocalist, Thomas had her eyes set on opera but soon transitioned to the world of electronic music after being asked to sing in several electronic projects at the University of Michigan. Once hooked, she experimented with music composition, layering as many as 50 tracks in just a few hours using household objects and sound effects created with her mouth. After college, she was lead vocalist and keyboardist for psychedelic rock band, Automata. K. Serra is her latest project and also her most personal, with all instrumentation done on her own, her first single, “REVIVAL,” which (fun fact) she wrote after a friend challenged her to write a song in a pentatonic scale. Another great accompaniment to K. Serra’s show will be Griswald.

Whether it’s folk or electro that makes you go weak at the knees, we’ve got some great acts lined up for you this Saturday night!

Burning Willows:

Deep Pool:

K. Serra:


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