Friday Night In The Sett: Johnny Foreigner w/ Nervous Passenger

These upcoming bands playing this friday at the Sett will rock the sheep out of you.  If there is anything more therapeutic than distorted guitars and yelling, I’ve not yet found it.  Anyways, Johnny Foreigner is an indie rock/punk band from Birmingham England consisting of Alexei Berrows (guitar/vocals), Kelly Southern (Bass/Vocals), Junior Elvis Washington Laidley(drums/keys), and Lewes Herriot(guitar).  I also wrote about them here. They play frenetic, guitar laden music.  It’ll get you so pumped up that it’ll rival that time you once drank like five red bulls in an hour for four bucks and couldn’t breath for ten seconds.  Maybe not as dangerous.

THEN we have Nervous Passenger, a punk band straight out of Chicago.  Consisting of Stephan Jurgovan(guitar/vocals), Nnamdi Ogbonnaya(bass/vocals), and Brendan Smyth(drums), they play punk music that is, according to their website “about girls and/or friends and/or beer, and they’re super fun to sing along to”.  I agree with them.

Johnny Foreigner:

Nervous Passenger:


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