Monday Feature: The London Souls

It was the middle of January on a tepid night in New York City when hundreds of people showed up early to an Umphrey’s McGee show at the Best Buy Theater to catch a glimpse of the opening band.  As I found myself standing next to Hip-Hop mogul Damon Dash as The London Souls filed onto the stage, I knew this band had to be on the verge of breaking it big-time.  Fast-forward 45 minutes and I had texted everyone I knew about this band.

That night happened in 2012; however, the band has been around since 2008.  Originally formed by lead singer and guitar player Tash Neal (graduate of The Dalton School – my high school), drummer Chris St. Hilaire, and former bassist Kiyoshi Matsuyama have created a power-trio that harkens back to Cream or another New York area band, Mountain.  The band’s inaugural album, The London Souls, was highly critically acclaimed, receiving 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by Glide Magazine.

As the band was on its quick rise through the New York City music scene, and as they began to break out nationally, tragedy struck as Tash Neal was in a hit-and-run accident involving a drunk driver, and had emergency brain surgery.  While for many, this would be life ending, Tash survived the accident, as has begun playing again, just six short months after his accident.

The band recently announced the release of their second album, Here Come the Girls, due out January 8th, 2013.  You can hear the lead single, “City of Light” here.  Stay tuned for a fresh batch of tour dates in the coming days as well.  Check out “The Sound” and a live performance of “Old Country Road” below:

The Sound:

Old Country Road:


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