Tape Deck Tuesday Playlist: Classic Christmas

The pounds of turkey with pumpkin and pecan pie, a.k.a. Thanksgiving, are gone and the holiday break has ended. Our apologies, for that was quite a depressing realization. It is the end of Thanksgiving, but there are more warm and fuzzy holidays to look forward to. One of those holidays surmounts the radio every year with jingle bells and sleigh rides on constant replay. Although Christmas music has been on the air since the beginning of November, it is now officially acceptable to enjoy every holiday song you desire.

That being said, this playlist was created to get back to Christmas music roots (with the exception of a few) and to experience the warmth of this holiday. The voice of Dean Martin or the Ronettes capture the essence of a cackling fire, twinkling Christmas lights, and warm hot cocoa we enjoy with our loved ones.

Merry listening, and happy holidays (all should be joyously celebrated this season) to all:

The first track on the list was thrown in for a little reindeer fun, so you can begin the day by snapping your fingers and singing “da da da dum, da, da, da da dum”


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