Just Announced: December study breaks…

It is usually around this month of December that students hit an abrupt wall of final exam preparation. Our minds are swirling with continuous facts of our Fall semester classes. Which is why it is healthy to find that little study break every once in a while to give your brain a rest and treat yourself to a little December happiness.

What a coincidence! WUD Music has some great opportunities to break up your studying routines.

To end November on a unique note, On An On, formerly known as Scattered Trees, will take The Sett stage this Friday. From both Minneapolis and Chicago, the three band members of Scattered Trees decided together that they wanted to re-invent their sound and discovered this alternative style, which includes electro beats and synthesizers, within On An On. Opening for this creative group will be our own Madison folk/indie band, Griswald.

Not to mention that we have a load of unique music acts, including Frist Wave Showcase and Zongo Junction, both full of instruments and both available to you on December 8th. Zongo Junction is a group of eleven members, all combined to passionately perform Afro-beat music. They’ll all be sure to get your body moving, and if you’re looking for more beat thumping shows, we also have DJ Los Boogie with DJ Fast $ Mike on the first of December, along with rap artists Kill the Vultures with Kristoff Krane on Friday, December 7th and Chance the Rapper on Friday, December 14th.

Whether you’re just passing by the Union (South or Memorial) or looking for weekend plans, WUD Music never disappoints. Check out our official dates here at our WUD Music Calendar.

11/30/12  On An On + Griswald- Union South: The Sett

12/1/12  DJ Los Boogie + DJ Fast $ Mike- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

12/7/12 Kill the Vultures + Kristoff Krane- Union South: The Sett

12/8/12 First Wave Showcase- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller

12/8/12 Zongo Junction- Union South: The Sett

12/14/12 Chance the Rapper- Union South: The Sett


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