Friday in The Sett: On and On w/ Griswald


Hey there folks!  This friday there’ll be two bands playing The Sett you should very much try to check out.  One even shares my obsession with ghosts!  The show begins at 9, so try to come down for a little while.  The Big Ten Championship is Saturday, not Friday night, so you have no excuse.

Headlining, we have On An On, a band formed out of the ashes of a Chicago based indie rock band called Scattered Trees.  The three members are Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing.  Though they’ve only officially released two songs thus far, they already show promise with their catchy mid tempo songs, one reminiscent of some lonely late nights, the other the background music to whatever hooliganism you and your friends have planned.

Opening for On An On is a folk band from here in Madison.  They’re called Griswald, and are made up of Jeremy Hart, Taylor Keding, and Mike Seehafer.  They also have an EP coming out on December 2nd.  Their soundcloud page will give you a great idea of what they play.

On An On- “Ghosts”:


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