Just Announced: Why?


Besides the great shows we have for you this weekend, we would like to add another show to the calendar for next semester. Why? Nope, this is not a question, it is simply the band’s name, which could easily fit into the sketch “Who’s on first?”

Why?, originating from Cincinnati, was formed by two brothers, Yoni and Josiah Wolf, and third member, Doug McDiarmid. Yoni Wolf initiated this group in the early years of 1998, and since then the band has been growing in recognition. They hit their boom around 2008 and 2009 with the release of Alopecia, stealing an 8.2/10 on the Pitchfork scale. Following this release, they’ve produced three more albums, including their latest, Mumps etc., October 2, 2012.

They’re an indie/pop group, but their sound is nothing of the ordinary. Below is a little taste or preview of what is to come on February 22nd.

2/22/2013  Why?- Union South: The Sett



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