Friday in Der Rathskeller: Jaill w/ Surgeons in Heat


Hey y’all. In addition to all the amazing shows we are presenting to you, this Friday at Der Rathskeller you will witness another great act by Jaill (note the extra L) and Surgeons in Heat. Why yes, I’d carpe that diem and enjoy a great night before finals if I were you.

Being a pop/psych-pop indie band with a cheery guitar accompany and punk music filling some dark lyrics, Jaill was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2002. The band is made up of members Vincent Kircher, Austin Dutmer, and Andrew Harris. Pitchfork comments on their third album, Traps, admitting that “the best and prettiest songs on this album are ‘Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs)‘ and ‘While You Reload’.” One can tell the regret embedded throughout the lyrics in this album. However there is always a bright side according to some of Kircher’s lyrics. It is an interesting mix of feelings while listening to them due to the contrast of the blithe and lighthearted melody.

Our opener Surgeons in Heat will prepare you then for Jaill. Also from Milwaukee, Surgeons in Heat has four members Johnathon Mayer, Tyler Ditter, Kenny Monroe and Shawn Pierce. With an easygoing and smooth sound, Surgeons in Heat brings you the scent of summer breeze. The 2012 album Midnight At Bellevue will be released later this year but notice the slow jam in the song, “If You Leave“. You’ll love it. The laid-back and R&B tinged alt-rock vibe of this band will not disappoint.

Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on this great free show. Stop by Der Rathskeller this Friday night!


Surgeons in Heat:


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