Monday Feature: Fun.


Even though there may always be sore feelings to every disbandment, if it were not for the end of The Format (the project of Nate Reuss prior to Fun.), Nate Reuss may never have gathered Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff to form the now top-charted group, Fun. Their recent climb to recognition was due to their hit song “We Are Young,” but their talent could be heard long before with their first demo release of “Benson Hedges.”

Fun.’s quirkiness seeped through their first album, Aim and Ignite of 2009, while at the same time demonstrated their raw talent. What differentiates Fun. from most bands, is their undeniable ability to transform a song into a relatable tale. Songs, “Be Calm,” or “The Gambler” speaks to any individual through the divine vocals of Nate Reuss about familiar life struggles and presumably a tribute to the love story of Reuss’s parents. But the remarkable range of notes sung by Reuss only scratches the surface of each song, where underneath lies the musical genius of reshaped, varying tempos that create the essence of a musical play.

There is no hiding the bubbly emotions you feel after listening to songs, “Walking the Dog,” or “All the Pretty Girls.” Fun. is able to capture pure joy and translate it to a song that bops your head side-to-side all day long. Even though the lyrics may not be the epitome of happiness, the beat sure masks any presence of ill-nature. This is sometimes an over-looked musical skill that these artists have mastered since 2008, and with their release of Some Nights in 2011, their sound only matured.

“We Are Young” hit everyone’s ears and stamped their hearts never to leave, even when it was played on the top radio stations for months straight. The filming of the music video only enhanced the slow-motion vibe you get when you close your eyes and feel the stumbling movement one would have after trying to find “someone to carry [you] home.” But this was just the foot in the door for Fun.

Amazing as it is, Fun. was not done expanding their own musical potential with “We Are Young.” Each song on the album Some Nights has a genuine boom of vigorous and concrete emotion, either felt by the ballads of Reuss, or thumping instruments of Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff. Again, if one listens intently to both lyrics and rhythm of each song through the album, your mind begins to wander to the depicted story told by each member. While I thought this myself when I first heard the album straight through, The Rolling Stone claimed there is a “dash of Queen here, a dollop of Les Miz there.”

Count yourselves lucky, for you have the opportunity to see a live performance of this noteworthy band on January 24th, 2013. Tickets are still left, but they are going fast, so take advantage of WUD Music and join Fun. for a jovial night you’ll never want to forget.

All information can be found here, “Just Announced: Fun. for Some Night at The Union.


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