Tuesday Playlist: We Don’t Need No Lyrics

Oh boy, finals season has finally rolled around!  The phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures” is uttered throughout libraries as students pump themselves full of caffeine and study for 10 hours straight.  Someone leaves their midnight snack unattended, and it is then stolen.  Unforgivable.  The professors look down on these scrambling little lab rats and grin or groan, depending on their level of human emotion.  Slowly, most students’ brains turns numb.  There has to be at least three person crying.

You know what helps make studying less monotonous and hellish?  Music!  You know what are distracting?  Lyrics.  So I’ve gone and gathered some songs to soundtrack your upcoming week so you can prepare for your coming reckoning in auditory bliss.  It’s only 6 songs, but they stray towards the longer side of things, and they’re mostly electronic.  There is an Elliott Smith song at the end.  Listen with me.


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