Friday Night In the Sett: Chance the Rapper w/ 3rd Dimension


This Friday kicks off the last weekend before finals week and possibly the end of the world.  I would sure feel dumb if I spent my last weekend of existence cooped up in some library cramming knowledge into my head.  Besides, periodic breaks help the knowledge cement itself.  Also, I suspect most people won’t be studying until Sunday or early Saturday anyways.  Let’s not pretend otherwise.

So come down to the Sett.  Chance the Rapper will be playing.  Hailing from the south side of Chicago, Chance the Rapper (Chance Bennett) is only a year out of high school.  His lyrics reveal as much, since he mainly writes of that uniquely teenage naive love, as well as the idea of feeling inconsequential, and relationships with friends.  He has released a mixtape you can download for free here.  Called 10 Day, it’s name is a reference to his one ten-day suspension from high school.

The opener for Chance will be 3rd Dimension. 3rd Dimension is a group of five MC’s, and one DJ/Producer. Five are from Madison and one is from Milwaukee. They just recently released University Ave, their mixtape which you can download here.  It has started building up some buzz, so be sure to get to the show in time to see them.

Chance the Rapper: Lift Up


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