Tuesday Playlist: Conquering Procrasti-Nation


As it is nearing the 4th hour of sitting in one of the cages in Memorial Library, I look out the window to the grey, watery sky, and the rooftops of shops and high-rises scattered across the great city of Madison, and I realize that I need to stop procrastinating… Acknowledging a slight redundancy in themes in this playlist to last week’s, I am justifying this new studying-friendly playlist by the unfortunate truth that you can probably never have too much study music.

Now typically, I listen to classical music when I study. Mozart, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and countless other brilliant composers are great for cranking out the15 page paper for your Nuclear Weapons class you need to finish, or reviewing for your Thermodynamics final at 7:45 am on the last day of finals week, but when I want to switch things up a bit, I turn to chill electronic music.

This playlist features many different ambient and relaxing, yet not overly mellowing tracks from ahmaaaazing artists like Emancipator, Flume, Blackbird Blackbird, and many more.


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