Just Announced: White Lung w/ Hunters


Another show to add to your calendar this semester- White Lung and opener, Hunters. Spring semester can be a little bit of a doozy when it comes to social events considering we are lacking football games and the desire to leave your warm, cozy bed for the bitter cold streets. White Lung and Hunters though will surely give you a burst of pissed off energy and awaken your emotions.

With their latest album release Sorry, White Lung has successfully defined themselves in the punk genre and received an 8.0 rating for the album on the Pitchfork scale. The pace of each song is fantastically hard to keep up with and sung by female vocalist, Mish Way. According to Pitchfork’s Jenn Pelly, “Way’s most compelling moments on Sorry are those in which she’s particularly hellish, strong, and lyrically bold.” Which leaves any audience with the might of punk madness.

Check out for yourself with the video below:

4/26/2013  White Lung + Hunters- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller



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