“Some Night” at Union South: fun. with Andrew McMahon


fun. is coming to Madison tomorrow, January 24th. This suddenly just got real. Be prepared badgers for this gem.

Hailing from New York City, indie rock band fun. was formed by Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff. The band hit the US Billboard Hot 100, Digital Songs charts, and number one on the UK Singles Chart. On December 5, 2012, fun. was then nominated for six Grammy Awards.

“It really like wrote itself.” Nate Ruess told Rolling Stone when talking about how the band came up with the song “We Are Young.” The chorus came to Ruess while he was driving and later on in the producer’s room where Ruess started to sing the chorus part and it worked out perfectly.

I personally cannot remember how many times my friends and I listen to We Are Young planned or unplanned. But whenever the song is on, we are turned into a dancing/happy mood. There is something in fun. that directs the atmosphere into a positive one. Be it at the gym rowing while the song “Carry On” pops up on the radio, or at a friend’s place catching up with each other. And it is probably the “something” that makes “Some Nights” such a hit. There are always positive tunes and lyrics that could be found in fun.’s semi-dramatic, up-and-down (in a good way) performances. The chorus always puts a smile on people’s faces and leads to a sing-along session. According to the Rolling Stone, “fun. will carry you through the hard times.”

Another buzz for this fabulous band would probably be the fact that they premiered their song Sight Of The Sun in the show Girls. Give it a listen:

Our opener for fun. is Andrew McMahon. McMahon is a solo performer, singer/songwriter and was the vocalist, pianist and primary songwriter for the bands Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. Lead by McMahon, Something Corporate recorded their album Ready…Break in 2000 that led to their record label Drive-Thru Records. Andrew with his excellent piano skills and amazing vocal ability will add to the already great night with fun.

Come and enjoy this exciting night with us during the first week of school, “woooooo!” Union South, Varsity Hall doors open at 8pm; concert starts at 9pm on Thursday, January 24th. See y’all there!


2 thoughts on ““Some Night” at Union South: fun. with Andrew McMahon

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