Tonight at The Sett: ITAL w/ Aurora Halal + Mister Lies + Tolerance (DJ)


Welcome back student population! We hope you kicked off your first weekend by witnessing the infamous fun. on Thursday in Varsity Hall, but if not, WUD Music still delivers with ITAL w/ Aurora Halal, Mister Lies, and Tolerance (DJ) at The Sett, tonight.

The solo project of Daniel Martin-McCormick, ITAL, is a psychedelic mixture of future entrancement and experimentation by Daniel himself. Originating from Chile, this artist encompasses the form of the art within music. In the albums, Spiritual Vibes of 2008, The World of Spirit Planets of 2009 and Higher Source of 2010, ITAL “[seeks] out the links between the space and the sound-bending of dub & industrial’s unsettling sonics with the grooves of classic house and the effects black hose of minimal at it’s weirdest,” according to Panache Booking.

In order to see this psychedelic music before you, Aurora Halal is on tour with ITAL with the production of video. Aurora Halal is a video editor from Washington D.C. who is currently pursuing freelance videos with artists and on tour with ITAL to provide visual representation for his audiences. Collaborated together, ITAL and Aurora Halal produced the music video “Boi,” below:

With the addition of lyrics, Mister Lies will also perform on stage tonight to introduce ITAL with Aurora Halal. Although still in the genre of psychedelic sound, Mister Lies also incorporates an interpretive vibe on the usual lyrical song, mostly dominated by tech, or sonic beats.

Tonight will be a night entirely of interpretation and musical artistic expression. Join us at The Sett for this masterpiece:


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