Just Announced: February + March + April Concert Biz


Some of these shows are creeping up on the student crowd extremely fast–say, this weekend. And some you have time to write on your calendar only to doodle around the date during class.

We’ll provide a little insight to this weekend though, considering you must act so quickly. J-Sway, a local singer-songwriter, will hit The Sett stage this Friday night with his pop, artistic, musical play on good times and heartbreak. Joining J-Sway will be Chalk, a young group of students ranging from 13-16 that show their appreciation for the classic rock and blues.

J-Sway and Chalk are just this Friday, where further down the road we have booked just for you…

2/8/13  J-Sway + Chalk- Union South: The Sett

2/9/13  The Dream Sisters + The Earthlings- Union South: The Sett

3/1/13  Dizzy Wright + Vital Mindz- Union South: The Sett

4/5/13  Condominium + Manipulation- Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

Want to see our full schedule? Check out our WUD Music Calendar.


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