Friday Night in Great Hall: Upright Citizens Brigade


This Friday in Great Hall, the Upright Citizens Brigade will perform an improv comedy show.  Built off of one word suggestions or monologues, this improv is not like the type you see on “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”.  It is long-form improv that sets up a situation and then explores it naturally, gradually evolving it into a strangely hilarious scene. I must stress, none of it is prewritten. The show is best seen in order to be understood, so there is an example below.

The UCB was formed by Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.  Although they are not part of the touring group, you still have the treat to see some absolutely fantastic improv following the same sort of format that the original UCB members helped make famous years ago.

A good example of the type of improv that will be done by the UCB can be found by listening to Matt Besser’s podcast “Improv4Humans”.


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