Saturday Night in the Sett: K.Flay w/ MyrihaB


In the kingdom of indie rap, K.Flay is one of the queens. I’d like to imagine that if she ever saw this blog, she’d roll her eyes at such a cliché and write a song sarcastically making fun of it, which I would then download onto my iPod and listen to while walking to class and fighting the urge to break into embarrassing white-girl-at-a-rap-show dancing.

This is probably why we here at WUD Music are so excited to have K.Flay performing at the Sett on Saturday at 9:30 p.m. K.Flay (Kristine Flaherty) hails from San Francisco and is a Stanford alumnus (I know, I know, but let’s try and put our injured pride from the Rose Bowl behind us).  She’s whip-smart and it shows in her spitfire lyrics backed by throbbing and dance-ready beats. Her eclectic style has been bolstered by touring with such diverse artists as Passion Pit, 3OH3! and Wallpaper, and she’s recently had songs featured on the season two premiere of Girls (“So Fast, So Maybe”) and the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars (“Easy Fix“)On top of all this, she just dropped her brand new mixtape, West Ghost on February 21st (clearly I don’t joke around when I say brand-spanking-new).  You can download the whole mix-tape FO FREE right here:

Of her most recent EP, Eyes Shut, she writes: “There are no love songs. It’s really about a mindset, a perspective. A lot of the people I know are pretty apathetic and disillusioned. They’d rather check out than engage in something. I’m drawn to that myself at times and at other times I’m repelled by it.”

Opening for K.Flay is MyrihaB, one of UW Madison’s own. She’s a super unique and multi-faceted artist and knows how to start a high-energy night off right. Her debut project dropped in December and you can find it on her Bandcamp page right here:

Hope you guys are ready to get your collective minds blown by one of the most kickass, in-your-face rappers on the scene these days. DON’T MISS THIS.

As if you needed it, here’s a little more incentive to show up:

2/23/2013 K.Flay w/ MyriahB – Union South: The Sett, 9:30

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