Just Announced: April showers?


As most of you soar off in the sky, escaping your busy student lives by plane to a hopefully warm climate, beg that same warm weather to follow you back to Madison, for the sake of all us. April would then only shower us with sun rays and good music.

You may recognize Sam James as a contestant on The Voice. He is a singer song-writer that grabbed everyone’s attention with his version of “Imagine.” Originating from Massachusetts, Sam James has been pursuing a music career from the beginning while developing his unique vocal style.

So, unique artists are what you like? Check out Mark Kroos at the end of April as he performs two guitar necks at the same time. According to his biography, he is the only artist touring as a solo artist with this instrument. Yes, two is better than one.

4/5/13  Sam James w/ tba- Union South: The Sett

4/27/13  Mark Kroos w/ tba – Memorial Union: Der Rathskeller 

Check out more April “showers” of music at our WUD Music Calendar.


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