Saturday in Music Hall: Deerhoof


Performing since 1994, with eleven self-produced albums under their belt, Deerhoof makes a stop in Madison this Saturday night in Music Hall. Just for you. For free.

Their sound is indescribable, considering the band members do not even know what kind of music they are producing when they produce it. Originating from San Francisco, Deerhoof has been pushing the boundaries of music with every note.

Deerhoof vs. Evil of 2011 was their latest album and sources gave it rave reviews, including The Rolling Stone stating the album had, “lurching effects and percussion before segueing from riotous soca to lugubrious funk to what sounds like drunkard’s take on Cuban son.”

It’s a night you surely do not want to miss, because playing along with Deerhoof is Ensemble dal Niente. But this show starts at 8 p.m. in Music Hall, a different location form our typical venues.


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