Tape Deck Tuesday: Songs To Stomp To


-University of Wisconsin Memes

The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, and the streets are finally dry. This is the time of year that I’m really glad that I walk EVERYWHERE. But with all the walking I do on this campus, it’s inevitable that I frequently end up running late, and having to walk to class/the library/WUD Music meetings faster than should be humanly possible. That’s when I whip out what I like to call The Power Stomp (I’m gonna trademark it eventually). It’s like power walking, but more forceful. People loitering on the sidewalk will leap out of your way. Cars will let you cross, even when they have a green light. The ground itself will shake under the rubber soles of your shoes. I wanted to share this technique with the world, so I created a playlist of songs that perfect for those moments when “I need to get to class NOW” is the only thought in your head.

This playlist is a mix of hip-hop, electronic, rap, rock and unclassifiable mixes of these and other genres, but the unifying theme between all of these songs is that they have a strong, pulsing beat that drops at the same time as your shoes, in order to book it up Charter hill in time for Econ 101. Do it to it.

Icona Pop – “I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)”

Atmosphere – “You” – The song that gave me the idea for this playlist in the first place. Dat beat.

P.O.S. – “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)”

Passion Pit – “Take A Walk” – A great beat AND it’s walking-themed. Does it get any better?

The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling”

Ben Harper – “Ground On Down”

Florence and The Machine – “Drumming Song” 

Brother Ali – “The Preacher”

The Darkness – “Hazel Eyes” – Stick with me on this one. This song is weird, but it gets really awesome at around 1:14 or so.

V V Brown – “Shark In The Water” 

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Higher Ground” – A quality one for Bascom, if you ask me.

Dessa – “The Bullpen” – How appropriate to have one of this weekend’s artists on the playlist. Told you I was obsessed.

Eyedea – “Weird Side”

K.Flay – “Doctor Don’t Know” – Another artist we’ve had at the Sett this year, who I’m similarly obsessed with.

Doomtree – “Savion Glover”

Matt and Kim – “Cameras”

Jay Z and Kanye West – “No Church In The Wild” – Kinda my ultimate ass-kicking song. It doesn’t get any better than this

Santogold – “Creator”

AWOLNATION – “Burn It Down”

Lil Jon – Get Outta Your Mind – I just had to. This song is just so ridiculous and stupid and completely perfect for the occasion. Total guilty pleasure song on my part, and the perfect song to cap off this playlist.


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