Friday night at Memorial Union: Heavy Times w/ Pleasure Leftists + Dharma Dogs


Originally from Chicago, the grunge/pop band Heavy Times will grace WUD Music’s stage tonight in Der Rathskeller, accompanied by Pleasure Leftists and Dharma Dogs. The combination of rough tones, with a melodic vocals makes this band a truly unique live music experience.

“Once these mammoth choruses kick into gear, and just as the guitars explode, it’s an endorphin-rushing experience that stands all hairs on end, and will knock you back unexpectedly ” said Tod Killings, as a part of the band’s biography.

A post-punk band that is heavily influenced by 1970’s Britain from Cleveland, according to Pitchfork, Pleasure Leftists will also tear up the stage with their own personal guitar riffs and catchy beat of the drum. But starting off the night is Dharma Dogs, an upbeat, in-your-face grunge Madison band.

It’s a beautiful day, that will soon turn into a beautiful night. So, why not enjoy your time at Memorial Union?

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