Saturday Night on the Terrace: Roots Collective w/ Sebeh Tree


If there’s one thing that just screams “IT IS SUMMER IN MADISON,” (other than the fact that no one in Dane county has been able to stop sweating for a week) it’s a reggae night on the Terrace. There will be guitar solos, there will be bass, and there will be dancing. It’s what the Terrace was made for.

And who better to facilitate this quintessential Madison night than Roots Collective? This band is local through and through, and have been playing together across the city and the midwest since 2005. The band was even recognized with a Madison Area Music Award for the Best World Music Album in 2011-2012. Between all of the members, they bring more than 20 years of musical experience to the stage, and it shows. Roots Collective is extremely gifted in the art of the jam, and never fails to get people dancing like lunatics in front of the stage.

Opening for Roots Collective is Sebeh Tree, another local Madison reggae band. Sebeh Tree is well versed in the art of the reggae performance, and is currently spending time in the studio recording their new demo. They’re the perfect beginning to a night of peace, love, and “good vibes, mon.”

So bring your friends, your family, and even that annoying neighbor from across the hall (Hey, you never know. Those good vibes can do impressive things), and enjoy some of the best Madison has to offer.

Saturday, 6/1
The Terrace, Memorial Union

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