Friday Night on the Terrace: Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned

This Friday night, prepare to experience a show like no other. We’ve got back-to-back Irish-influenced bands performing, ready to immerse you in the country’s culture and the world of rock.

Our featured band of the night is Milwaukee-based Whiskey of the Damned, a Celtic influenced rock group formed by Ireland native and band frontman Eoin McCarthy. Although the band has gone through personnel changes over the years, their Irish punk sound remains the same. Gritty vocals and heavy drums accompanied by a happy violin and accordion make for great pub songs such as “All for Me Grog” and “Dock Boy”. I first saw Whiskey of the Damned when they opened for Dropkick Murphys at Summerfest in 2011, and I have seen them twice more since. I could not be happier with my experiences seeing them. They always put on an energetic show that is simply too difficult to not get into.

The first half of the night’s show features The Kissers, a Madison band known for its frenzied performances and on-stage humor. Their music bridges the gap between indie rock and Irish music.

The Kissers

Whiskey of the Damned + The Kissers
9:00 PM, Memorial Union Terrace
Admission: FREE


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