Thursday Night at The Sett: Dent May w/ Dead Gaze

“Dear grab me a beer, and sing me a song. I’ll pour you some wine, and I’ll sing along,” Dent May croons on his track, “I Am Alcoholic”.

Make sure you make it out to the Sett this Thursday night (9pm) to grab a beer and possibly hear Dent May play this. He’ll be playing with the self-proclaimed “weirdo pop” group, Dead Gaze.

Both bands are from Mississippi, and both bands will be presented their own versions of quirky southern indie pop.

Dent May has released 3 albums, his most recent being Warm Blanket (2013, Paw Tracks). He has described this in interviews as being more emotional and lonely because of his recording it in a haunted Victorian house in northern Florida.


His previous releases include his debut, The Good Feeling Music Of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (2009, Paw Tracks), and the follow up, Do Things (2012, Paw Tracks).

Dead Gaze has released several albums, their most popular being their 2012 self-titled album.

The album accents their eccentric and dizzy indie pop. Their music is unabashedly weird and undeniably addictive. Their live show is rumored to be transformational.

Don’t miss this eclectic mix of southern fried indie pop music this Thursday at The Sett!


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