Saturday Night at the Terrace: F. Stokes w/ Great Divide

“We’re not New York, and we’re not L.A., this is my small town in the U.S.A.”-F. Stokes

Madison! We’ll be welcoming F. Stokes back to his “small town” this Saturday at the Terrace (9:30pm).

Did you watch the video? It’s filled with Madison imagery that won’t fail to make residents of the city swell with pride.

F. Stokes did live in Madison, but he grew up in extremely impoverished conditions in Chicago. According to his biography, his music “depicts the stark and brutal realities of the impoverished urban experience.”

He is renowned for his lyrical ability, intertwining poetic imagery with gritty honesty, depicting the reality he sees.

Great Divide, another Chicago act, will be opening for F. Stokes this Saturday.

The group brings together a solid mix of blues, soul, and rock n’ roll. Blending rich piano with a funky bass line and crooning, harmonious vocals, the band’s sound will be a warm and welcoming preview of F. Stokes stage show.

Join us this Saturday for a fresh, honest, fun, and most importantly, local, show at the Terrace.

Follow F. Stokes on the Web:

Follow Great Divide on the Web:



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