Saturday Night at the Sett: Freakfest VIP Party – Opener Competition

If you’ve been residing beneath a rock for the past couple of weeks, you may have missed our big announcement about WUD Music and Freakfest: We’re hosting an exclusive VIP party with Frank Productions and True Endeavors at The Orpheum on Saturday, October 26th, and MOTHERBLEEPING 3LAU IS GOING TO BE THE HEADLINER (more info right here.) I know, I did a happy dance too. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Done? Ok, back to business. 

Now, this incredible Halloween show is exciting for tons of reasons, but perhaps the most exciting of all is that 3LAU’s opener at this show is going to be picked from students, by students. Given up hope on this whole “democracy” thing in the wake of the government shutdown? This is truly democratic process at work, ladies and gentlemen. Congress, I know you secretly read our blog. Take notes.

Said democratic process is going to take place at The Sett this Saturday, October 5th. Beginning at 9:30, SOUNDKILL3R, TOER, Malcom T-Rex, and Jack Jacobson/Vince Lombardo will throw down in the campus’ most fun battle royal, and the winner will open for 3LAU just a few short weeks later. We’re going to be judging by yells and cheers, so if you want your favorite campus DJ to be the one who gets this opportunity of a lifetime, you’ll have to show up in full force. If you don’t already have a favorite campus DJ, then this is the perfect night to find one, and permanently claim bragging rights to say that “you saw them way back when”. And not to mention, this show is FREE. Four DJs for the lack-of-price of one.

This is going to be SICK. We’re so excited to be a part of this, and hope you all are too. So we’ll bring the DJs, you bring the party, and we’ll see you in The Sett this Saturday. And to hold you over till then, I’ll just leave this here…

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