Friday Night at Der Rathskeller: Wolf Lords (feat. Aby Wolf) w/ CHANTS

aby wolf

Every once in a blue moon, a band comes along that is truly transcendent, the kind of music that you listen to and are instantly transported to the land of musical bliss (hey, call me crazy all you want, but you know you’ve totally been there). That, my friends, is exactly how I felt when I first heard Aby Wolf. You may know her as the backup singer for Minneapolis emcee Dessa, but if you haven’t heard her solo yet, you’re missing out. As 89.3 The Current put it, “Aby has established herself as a chameleonic, restless artist who is constantly looking for new ways to showcase her vast vocal abilities, and it’s that sense of searching that has led her to develop such unique, forward-thinking music.”

Joining up with fellow Minneapolis musician Grant Cutler, who produces all the beats, they form Wolf Lords. From their bio: “Wolf Lords” astounds with textures that range from spare and atmospheric to stomping electro-pop triumphs.” Their incredibly unique sound comes from both their experimental background music, and Aby’s passionate, dramatic howl of a singing voice. You can actually feel how much she loves this music when you hear it. I’ll be the first to admit that the word “unique” can be criminally overused, but Wolf Lords is the dictionary definiton of it. And as if that sales pitch wasn’t enough, Ander Other (Doomtree’s resident web guru/rapper/DJ/merch guy/chameleon) will be coming along to DJ the show. So that’s ridiculously awesome, and I can personally assure you that you will be kicking yourself if you miss this one. Get yourself prepared by checking out the album here.

Starting off the show will be Chants, Madison’s own ambient electronic artist. His beautiful atmospheric sounds and pulsing backbeats are the perfect introduction to a night of soaring melodies. Chants’ new EP is just two weeks old, basically a musical infant, and you can check it out right here, which I would HIGHLY encourage you to do.

So come on down to Der ‘Skeller on Friday night and dip your toes into musical heaven. Show starts at 9:30 and as always, it’s FREE.

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