Friday at Der Rathskeller: Twin Peaks w/ Fire Retarded

Chicago Magazine calls them “the next big rock band out of Chicago.”

Windy City Rock describes them as “refreshing” and “bubbling over with reckless joy and seemingly boundless energy.”

Click to visit the band's Twitter page

Click to visit the band’s Twitter page

Twin Peaks will be stopping by the Memorial Union on Friday, and we certainly expect them to bring their “boundless energy” with them.

You might recognize them for their sound, which is both ethereal and anarchic. Or you might recognize them by their hit song “Stand in the Sand”, which goes “I’m just a pretty chill guy beneath a pretty pink sky in a purple stand in the sand.”

If you don’t recognize them at all yet, that’s all the more reason to show up and discover what the press seems to agree is the Midwest’s next big indie band.

Oh, they’re also with a local band called Fire Retarded, that plays “loud garage-punk.”

Click the photo the check out Fire Retard's Facebook page

Click the photo the check out Fire Retard’s Facebook page

Their music is rabid, driving, and chaotic–a straight ball of energy. It’s also super catchy. They’ll be opening for Twin Peaks, and thus, getting the party started out right.

As always, if you’re looking for free live music at UW-Madison and a great night out, make sure you check out the Ratherskeller at 9:30 this Friday.


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