Friday Night at The Sett: Fort Frances w/ Julie Meckler

I can’t write a post about Fort Frances without talking about their “Summertime” cover.

Here it is:

Fort Frances has somehow managed to make Will Smith’s music sound both more suburban and more hip. I think it’s because they bring to it a chill vibe, with some pretty stellar vocal harmonies, making it a piece of art and an ironic parody.


Their other music is much different. According to their biography, they “put the Indie in Indie bands. They produce their own records. They book their own shows. They write their own expectations.”

With them is Julie Meckler a sensational, french actress based in Chicago. After leaving her life as a theater actress in Paris in 2008, she came to New York, bought her first guitar, and started playing lovely music.

She’s now married to her band mate and touring around playing her dynamic brand of indie pop rock.

Both bands will be playing at The Sett in Union South Friday, November 1st.

Check out the rest of WUD music’s free upcoming concerts hosted in Der Rathskeller and The Sett by clicking here.


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