of Montreal Halloween Costume Ball!


of Montreal is coming back to Madison for the first time since the grand opening of Union South back in April of 2011! This time they are at the Majestic for their Nightmare on King Street Halloween Costume Ball, and if you remember at all what of Montreal’s show was like last time they were here, prepare to be amazed again. They just released their 12th album, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, October 8th and so far it has gotten great reviews

Pretty exciting, right?

 of Montreal is known for their eccentric and crazy live shows, filled with psychedelic costumes and stage props. Just a little fun fact, last time when they played here, I had to pick up red food coloring and corn syrup to use in their show (in case you were guessing, the combo of the two makes very convincing blood… Halloween costume ideas anyone?)

 And speaking of Halloween costumes, did we mention this is a COSTUME BALL?! As if of Montreal wasn’t enough of a reason to dress in your most creative and wacky garb, but this show is on Halloween night, and is bound to be a spectacularly spooky occasion in many ways.

 If you remember what it was like to their last show here, then I will for sure see you on the dance floor in your best halloween costume at the Majestic this Thursday. If you have never had the chance before, DO NOT PASS THIS OPPORTUNITY UP! You will not regret it.

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