Friday Night at Der Rathskeller: TV Ghost with Will Phalen

This Friday, WUD Music is hosting a band that is a perfect vacation from midterm stress and daylight savings gloom.

Madison, meet TV Ghost.


TV Ghost is a dark and eerily endearing band from Lafeyette, Indiana. They play a type of post-punk, but self-describe their music as “disheveled, experimental noise nurtured by raw ambition.”

The music of TV Ghost is certainly haunting. Check out this video from their new album:


With TV Ghost, is a calming and melodic artist out of the “middle west.”

Madison, meet Will Phalen.



He’s local, and he just released a new solo album.

Check out his Facebook page here.

The concert starts at 9:30pm 11/8/2013 at Der Rathskeller in the Memorial Union.

As always, to stay up to date on all of WUD Music’s free concerts in Madison, check out our calendar of events. We feature a wide array of diverse bands, and we update our shows frequently. Click here to see what else we’ve got coming.



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