Thursday Night in The Sett: A Tribe Called Red w/ CRASHprez, Kiazma, and Mahrv Gee


You, gentle reader, are most likely a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This means that you are, most likely, a fan of things like diversity, environmental justice, political activism, or at the very least, awesome music. If any of the above do happen to be passions of yours, then I have a funny feeling that you’re really going to love what we’ve got coming up.

A Tribe Called Red is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Made up of three DJs from Canada’s indigenous tribes, known as the First Nations, (DJ NDN, DJ Shub, and DJ Bear Witness), they mix traditional tribal chants with bass-heavy electronic dance music, and they’re the force behind some of the wildest parties in the entire country of Canada and beyond. They’re also political activists who are involved in the “Idle No More” movement, which opposes the breaking of tribal treaties by mining and development companies in Canada and works towards maintaining the sovereignty of the country’s First Nations people.

As a compliment to their infectious music, they do fascinating video projections at all of their live shows, making mini-music videos for every song they play. As their website says, “DJ Bear Witness doubles as the crew’s visual artist and creates stunning, political, and sometimes humorous videos that incorporate film and pop culture references to native people and reclaim the aboriginal image.”

With this knowledge, it makes sense that A Tribe Called Red has had such a great year, playing festivals across North America and being named to the Polaris Prize’s shortlist of the 10 Best Canadian Albums of 2013. And everyone loves these guys, from The New York Times and NPR to Pitchfork and MTV.

So, embrace this opportunity to see one of the most uniquely awesome artists that WUD Music has ever brought to campus while simultaneously celebrating indigenous heritage during Native November, AND dancing your freaking face off.

Check this song, and if you aren’t chair-dancing by the end of it, well, you simply can’t be helped.

Opening the show is one of the most high powered duos on campus, CRASHprez & Kiazma.  If you haven’t seen these two perform live yet (are you residing under a rock?) you really should. CRASHprez spits smart lyrics at warp speed, while Kiazma provides the beats. You could power Union South for a week using just these two as an energy source, and we fully intend to save UW some money on it’s electricity bill this month. The pair will be joined by Mahrv Gee, another rapper hailing from our campus, who rocked the terrace for MEChA’s El Reventonazo event this summer, and will no doubt rock The Sett again on Thursday. For a taste of what’s to come, check out CRASHprez & Kiazma’s most recent project right here.

We’re putting this show on with the assistance of some great co-sponsors here on campus, and they’ve been a huge help with getting the word out. MASSIVE shout out to the following groups for making this concert possible:

The Environmental Studies Department, The International Studies Department, The American Indian Studies Program, Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives, The Great Lakes Indian Law Center, Tribal Libraries Archives and Museums, The Havens Center, Alpha Pi Omega, The ITA Tribal Technology Institute, The Indigenous Law Students Association, MEChA and Wunk Sheek.

So come party with ALL of us this Thursday night. We’ll see you on the dance floor.

Thursday, November 7th
The Sett, Union South
9:30 PM

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